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Celestial, sincere, youthful, and banging. Vancouver-raised singer-songwriter/producer and multi-instrumentalist Haleluya Hailu has become a local musical staple. Hailu has managed to turn the stress and angst of growing up and not recognizing yourself into music that anyone could see themselves in.

  Beginning their musical journey in talent shows and theatre productions, performing has always been a strong suit. Hailu’s involvement in the local Vancouver scene began when performing shows at parks and beaches across the city. Their theatricality on stage helped them begin to create a name and face to go with a strong voice and ability to write and deliver pop hooks with ease.

By the time they had finished high school, Haleluya had accomplished running a local radio show, been an outspoken anti-racism activist and a producer on their debut EP Greetings and Salutations. Their debut project found itself in local community rotation, (hitting #6 of CJSF top 100 of the year.), and was covered by local outlets like the Vancouver Sun and Discorder Magazine.

  Following their EP, Hailu released stand-alone single, ‘forgive me’ which was paired with a music video showcasing her heritage as an Ethiopian immigrant. This was their last single before singing to local powerhouse label 604 records in the fall of 2022. Celestial, sincere, youthful, and banging, Haleluya Hailu is a Vancouver indie darling building her own musical world.

Haleluya Hailu

Vancouver, BC

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